Recent Speeches


"I Believe I Can Fly!!!"
Emeagwali tells New Jersey High School students: "You should study hard not because it is easy, but because you will be the beneficiary tomorrow of the homework that you completed today." The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that

"Students in Willingboro gave an enthusiastic response to his message, mobbing him with questions and requests for autographs after his speech."

"Why Nigerians are not returning home"
One in three African university graduate live and work outside Africa. One third of the African education budget is a supplement to the American education budget. In effect, Africa is giving developmental assistance to the United States.

"Can Nigerian Vault into the Information Age"
This speech generated a lot of buzz on the Internet. A Nigerian-Japanese scholar wrote:

"Honestly, I got touched and was almost driven to the point of crying while reading the presentation. It is WELL WRITTEN; and I cannot imagine any person who TRULY loves Nigeria crossing swords with you on the ideas espoused."

Recent Interviews


"Nigerian Presidency (BBC Radio)"
Olusegun Obasanjo starts his new job as president of Nigeria and Emeagwali was interviewed about the future of Nigeria.

"Genius of Our Age"
This 10,000-word interview generated a lot of buzz in Nigeria. Discussion included Biafran war, Igbo animist religion, and racism in the United States. A reader wrote: "You gave an interview that agitates the mind of a young Nigerian."

"Superbrain of Africa"
An interview with a South African journalist employed by DRUM (Africa's leading magazine).

Recent Essays


"The Ways of Counting"
Emeagwali reviews the history of computing and explains how his contribution helped advanced the technology. An engineer wrote:

"It seems to me that this is one of those technological breakthroughs that can have a profound effect in so many areas of our society that we can make quantum leap forward."

"Superbrain, Part 1"
A futuristic view of the World Wide Web. In Part 1, Emeagwali shows that the Internet is a hyperball computer that could be used to forecast the weather and predict global warming.

In Part 2, Emeagwali will explain how the Web will evolve into a superintelligent superorganism which he called a SUPERBRAIN. Emeagwali believes that, sometime in the Third Millennium, SUPERBRAIN could become the anti-christ who will rule the world and treat human beings like animals and pets.

"Lyrics of the Rain Forests"
Emeagwali's favorite childhood memory is listening to his mother narrate folk tales linking her Igbo (Nigerian) ancestors to the animals of the rain forest. In this essay, he drew inspiration from the rain forests to invent a phytocomputer.

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