Philip Emeagwali, biography, A Father of the Internet, supercomputer pioneer, Nigerian scientist, inventor

My Search for the
Holy Grail
of Immortality

Transcript of keynote lecture delivered
by Emeagwali
at conference of Black Data Processing Association, Augusta, Georgia, April 26, 2003.
Enhanced with a photo essay.

Permission to reproduce is granted.


Thank you for the very pleasant introduction.

We are information technology thought leaders. And as thought leaders, society expects us to provide it a vision of where information technology will be in the future.

Tonight, I will like to time travel 100 years into the future, and predict some major developments in information technology that, I believe, will occur at the end of this century.

Some of my predictions will be right. Some will be wrong. And you might even find some difficult to belief.

Information technology is a broad field. Certainly, it will become broader by the end of this century. Therefore, I will simplify and reduce the complexity of what I will discuss. I will limit my self to what I call the "kernel of information technology."

Any body of knowledge has its "kernel of knowledge." I also call it the irreducible essence from which that body of knowledge emanates.

In your study of geometry, one of the key concepts that you learned was that all the theorems in geometry were constructed from a few rules of logic and some axioms. The axioms of geometry were what we call "self evident truths."

The axioms of geometry are to geometers what the constitution is to lawyers. The self-evident truths in the law books are the statements written in the United States constitution. In other words, the constitution contains the kernel of knowledge from which all laws were derived.

Similarly, the computer and the Internet are the kernel technologies behind the information technology field. By that I mean that if all the computers in the world and the Internet were to disappear today, the IT field will for all practical purposes also disappear.

The reason is that information technology's conceptual foundation rests on the concepts of computation and communication.

In other words, computation and communication are to IT what zeros and ones are to computers. Therefore, information technology's kernel of knowledge is derived from two concepts: computing and communicating.

The supercomputer is the driving force behind the computer. The supercomputer of today is the computer of tomorrow. Therefore, predicting the future of computing implicitly forces us to first predict the future of supercomputing. And if history were to repeat itself, one can predict the status of computing at the end of the 21st century by studying next-generation supercomputing.

As I said earlier, you will find some of my statements outlandish. Now I will make my first outlandish claim about the relationship between the supercomputer and the Internet:

Today and at the beginning of the 21st, the supercomputer is similar to the Internet. By the end of the 21st century, the computer, as we know it today, will become obsolete. Then the supercomputer and the Internet will become one and the same.

My prediction that computers will become obsolete will not seem outlandish when you reflect on the relationship between the supercomputer and the Internet. And also reflect on the driving force behind their evolutions.

The engine that drives a supercomputer is the tightly-coupled thousands of processors which we've harnessed to compute and communicate simultaneously.

Similarly, the engine that drives the Internet is the loosely-coupled millions of computers that we've harnessed to compute and communicate, asynchronously.

Therefore, both the supercomputer and the Internet, in essence, comprise of interconnected computing and communicating nodes. Both use communication protocols for transmitting and receiving data. And so on.

Therefore, both the supercomputer and the Internet germinated from the same conceptual idea, namely, the knowledge that thousands of processing nodes can compute and communicate, simultaneously.

The irreducible essence of a supercomputer is computation and communication, but the supercomputer places a greater emphasis on computation.

The irreducible essence of the Internet is computation and communication, also, but the Internet places a greater emphasis on communication.

The irreducible essence of information technology is computation and communication, with an equal emphasis on the computer and the Internet.

In other words, the irreducible essence of the supercomputer, the Internet and the information technology field are the same.

To forecast the future of the computer and the Internet requires that we understand the difference and the relationship between both technologies.

And that we ask: why was each technology invented?

And that we ask: What is the most important difference between a supercomputer and the Internet?

The answer is that the supercomputer resides within a room, while the Internet encircles the whole Earth.

The relationship between the supercomputer and the Internet is best understood by asking:

Why was the supercomputer invented? And why was the Internet developed?

The answer is that the supercomputer was invented to help computational scientists perform faster computations.

The Internet was developed to help computational scientists access remote supercomputers.

The media tells us that the Internet was invented to help the United States defends itself against nuclear attacks. That story is not true.

What happened is that in the telling and the retelling of why the Internet was invented, facts became obscured, lost and added and we even forget why the Internet was invented. The story of how the Internet was invented to enable access to supercomputers evolved into the myth that the Internet was invented to enable the United States survive a nuclear attack.

The less glamorous truth is that the Internet was funded and built to enable physicists solve the most computation-intensive mathematical problems in the computing field. The Internet was invented to enable computational scientists access and use remote supercomputers.

The Internet originated because the supercomputer created a need for it. Therefore, it was the supercomputer technology that gave birth to the Internet. The supercomputer is the father of the Internet.

We also have many other myths and misconceptions about the origin of the Internet. The most popular of these myths include the argument that software such as communication protocols, email, the Web and graphic browsers gave birth to the Internet.

I disagree. The software cannot give birth to the hardware that it runs on. Windows Operating System did not give birth to the PC. It is the PC that gave birth to Windows Operating System.

Similarly, it is the Internet that gave birth to communication protocols, email, the Web, and graphic browsers. These software were merely inventions that helped bring the Internet to the masses.

In fact, the technology was in the air for several decades but the email and the Web helped bring the Internet down to Earth.

Once more, the driving force behind the Internet was the supercomputer. I believe that the supercomputer will remain the driving force behind the next-generation Internet.

Internet2 is the name of this next-generation Internet. Internet3 will probably be the name of the next-next-generation Internet. We may have Internet4, 5, 6 and ten.

I will coin the words "InternetX" or SuperBrain and use them to describe the most advanced form of Internet that we might have ten-generations and beyond. Also, I interchangeably use the words InternetX and SuperBrain.

And as information technology thought leaders, we have to provide a vision of the future of the Internet.

We have to ask the question:

What will "InternetX" or SuperBrain be like?

"InternetX" or SuperBrain will remain the same size as the Internet. The Internet is an electronic system that is literally as large as the whole Earth. It is a huge electronic cloth that we have placed upon the Earth.

When an object is ten thousand miles in diameter, we need to step outside and look at that object to see the big picture and to even understand the object.

Therefore, we will gain a clearer understanding of the Internet if we observe it from another planet.

Attempting to understand the Internet while standing on the Earth reminds me of the parable of the nine blind men and an elephant.

Each blind man based his descriptions of the elephant on a generalization of his sensory perceptions.

The first blind man touched the elephant's knee cried that the elephant is like a tree. The second blind man touched the tail argued that it is like a rope. And so on.

The most popular software on the Internet are email and the World Wide Web. As a result, most people cannot explain the difference between the Web with the Net. Like the blind men, people use the Web and then generalize and assume that the Web and the Net are the similar.

Because the fiber-optic networks underneath the Internet is physically 10,000 miles wide and is metaphorically speaking is like an elephant, it is difficult to find two people who will agree on the best definition of the Internet.

To those of us standing on the Earth, the Internet is tool for sending email and surfing the World Wide Web.

But to an alien from out of space, the Internet will be seen as millions of interconnected computing and communicating nodes. The alien will see the Internet as a spherical object as large as the entire Earth that is used for transmitting and receiving data.

I believe that it is the alien, who is observing the Internet from outer space that will see the true picture. I will ask you to visualize yourself as that alien observing the Internet from the moon. I will also ask you to also travel with me, 100 years into the future.

My prediction is that, in 100 years, the Internet will evolve and become more tightly coupled. It will be more powerful, faster and more intelligent than what we have today.

This will be achieved because the computers at each node will be a zillion times more powerful. And the communication between nodes will also be a zillion times faster. Perhaps, each node might be a zillion times more intelligent.

When the Internet becomes a zillion times more powerful, faster and more intelligent: Something weird will then happen.

What will happen is that the computer, as we know it today, will become obsolete. Instead, we will be computing without computers.

The computer will, in effect, disappear into this future generation Internet, which I called "InternetX" or SuperBrain.

In fact, something weirder will also happen at the same time.

What will also happen is that the Internet, as we know it today, will become obsolete.

Even the email, will become obsolete. Instead, we will be communicating by t-mail or telepathic mail.

It makes sense to predict that the Internet will disappear into the "InternetX" or SuperBrain. Since, SuperBrain is closer to a computer than to the Internet, it will makes sense to predict that the Internet will disappear into the universal computer which, itself, will literally be as large as the Earth.

A universal computer, as large as the whole world, is not merely science fiction. We have taken the first embryonic step to build one. It is called grid computing. In fact, the United States, the United Kingdom and a dozen nations have already committed billions of dollars to develop grid computing.

In essence, the grid will reduce the gap between the supercomputer and the Internet. It is a technology that lies at the halfway point between the supercomputer and the Internet.

Thirty years ago, the driving force behind the Internet was the supercomputer. For the next thirty years, I believe that the grid will remain the driving force behind the next-generation Internet.

The grid will enable us to do things that we now consider impossible. It will enable unique forms of human interaction.

The grid will take videoconferencing to the next level. Business travels and face-to-face meetings may become obsolete.

The playwright William Shakespeare wrote the famous line:

"All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players."

The grid will redefine the word "stage." Today, Femi Kuti and Janet Jackson can only sing a live duet by appearing on the same physical stage.

With the grid, we can imagine Femi Kuti, in Lagos, and Janet Jackson, in Los Angeles, both singing a live duet on a digital stage.

Indeed, the world will become their digital stage.

The grid is a hybrid between the supercomputer and the Internet. Supercomputing is next-generation computing. Internet2 is next-generation Internet.

Truthfully, I am not interested in next-generation technology.

I am interested in technologies that are at least ten generations beyond the supercomputer, beyond the Internet and beyond the grid?

In other words, where will the supercomputer and the Internet be in 100 years, 200 years, or 300 years from today?

In 300 years, I believe that the Internet will remain a spherical network as large as the whole world. However, because it could be a zillion times more powerful, faster, and more intelligent, I believe that in 300 years the Internet will evolve into a SuperBrain as large as the whole world.

Many scientists believe that bionic brain implants will be feasible in a few decades.

Without realizing what we are doing, we are determined to redesign ourselves. Our compelling urge to redesign ourselves is deep-seated and will remain so. We have embarked on a self-propelled evolution in which we are both the creator and the created.

Already, we have imbedded our consciousness and intelligence into computers. Now that we have implanted our intelligence into computers, we are now figuring out how to imbed our computers into our brain. That is, how to imbed inanimate intelligence into animate ones.

But as I explained earlier, computers could become obsolete and disappear into the Internet. Hence the computers that we intend to imbed into our brains could eventually disappear into the Internet.

That implies that our minds and thoughts could also disappear into the Internet.

This means that the Internet could be used to unify the thoughts of all humanity.

Unification implies that we will become one people. With one voice. One will. One soul. And one culture.

Email will become obsolete. It will be replaced by tmail, which stands for "telepathic mail."

The theory of evolution taught us that we evolved from lower order primates. But SuperBrain will help us understand that the human specie collectively existed as one Super Being.

We will understand that we are not human beings that exist separately from other beings. Instead, we may come to believe that we are small and separate beings that exist within a Super Being.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are indeed embarking on a lengthy journey in self-discovery. It is a journey that will help us understand who and what we are.

The big idea is not that we existed and evolved collectively as one Super Being.

If we incorporate ideas from the theory of evolution, we may infer that the Super Being has been undergoing self-directed evolution since life first appeared on planet Earth. It is a self-directed evolution along the direction of greater complexity. A self-directed evolution that resulted in higher collective intelligence.

Super Being is a coherent and self-organizing network of all living biological entities, which possessed a unique intelligence that is above and beyond the sum of intelligences of the separate living entities.

Put differently, the properties of coherence, self-organization and interaction is what enabled the species to synergically form a Super Being with an intellect that is above and beyond the sum of the intellect of all the animals and plants on Earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am claiming that the animals and plants are not distinct beings. I am claiming that the species co-exist, interact and learn from each other.

Gaia hypothesis argues that the Earth is a living planet. From the moon, we see a zillion species that are not isolated entities that swim within the Earth's inert atmosphere, oceans or sub-surface soil.

I am adding another dimension to Gaia hypothesis. My dimension is that all living things are inextricably connected and work together as a team to ensure its survival as a Unified Being. I am not merely directly connected to my father, brother and son. I am indirectly connected to every person, animal and plant. We are all one being: A Super Being.

I began by studying the interconnectedness between millions of computers configured around the Earth. I learned that interconnected computers do emulate one supercomputer. I then inferred that we could use that knowledge as a metaphor for living entities, which we also know, are interconnected.

Therefore, I have inferred that interconnected animals and plants do emulate one Super Being.

Along the way, I learned a lesson that was deeper and one that transcended computing. It was an epiphany.

It changed the way I looked at myself, humanity and the Supreme Being or what we call God.

I said a Super Being. Not a Supreme Being. I am not talking of the God that transcends space, time and all things physical.

I am not talking about the theological god described in the Bible or the Koran.

In fact, I did not talk about the existence of an ultra Supreme Being who is omniscient and omnipotent. Super Being exists in a biological sense while the Supreme Being exists in the theological realm. Therefore, the acceptance of my theory will be based on reason, not faith.

As information technology thought leaders, we time traveled tonight to the future and then attempted to predict it.

Some of my predictions will be wrong. However, one prediction that I guarantee you will be right is that if you can travel 10,000 years into the future, you will certainly discover a strange world.

A world that I believe will be influenced by our on-going research efforts to implant bionic brains into our human brain.

If we can replace one percent of the human brain in 100 years, then we might be able to replace the entire brain in 10,000 years.

If we can replace the entire brain, we can download it into the SuperBrain. And if we can download it into the SuperBrain, our descendants will merely exist as pure thoughts, electronic cockroaches or human algorithms.

Our descendants will have achieved digital immortality in 10,000 years.

Thank you very much.

ARCHIVE: The full transcript was reproduced in numerous publications, including Grid Today (July 21, 2003; Vol. 2 No. 29),, The Guardian (July 15, 2003; Nigeria), Vanguard (July 16, 2003; Nigeria) and Financial Times.

The second and third parts of this lecture were delivered at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the University of Paris (France). The fourth part will be delivered at a later date.


Emeagwali was extolled by Bill Clinton as "one of the great minds of the Information Age." CNN called him "A Father of the Internet." Emeagwali is the world's most searched-for contemporary scientist on Internet search engines.

Immortality Through Art

Each Egyptian Pharoah (or King) was eager to achieve immortality and ordered his subjects to build a final resting place (or pyramid) that he believed will last for all time.

"The Prince Who Would Seek Immortality." Color plate by H.J. Ford. The Crimson Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang. New York, London, Bombay: Longmans, Green, and Co., Inc., c1903, [p.190].

    Was he coming straight? No! Yes! But as he was nearing the city, a light wind sprang up, and swayed him in the direction of the wall. Another second and he would have fallen half over it, when the queen sprang forward, seized him in her arms, and flung him into the castle. --p.191.

An Allegory of Immortality
ca. 1540; Giulio Romano (Italian, ca. 1492-1546)

Qabbalah - Tree of Life

In the Part II of this speech, Emeagwali will draw inspirations from Qabbalah's Tree of Life. [copyright,]

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger California The 6th Day

In this speech, Emeagwali talked about achieving immortality by downloading the human brain into the SuperBrain (future generation Internet) and later uploading it into a younger body. In the movie "The 6th Day," Arnold Schwarzenegger's brain is downloaded into his clone.




Dear Sir,

I am sending this e-mail to you via the Divine Inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I was reading a comprehensive interview you granted to an international magazine captioned "Igbo Scientist, Emeagwali Sets to burst the secret of immortality". I was traveling from Owerri to Lagos on Tuesday 22nd April 2003 in an ABC transport Service Executives Class on the above mentioned date when the Spirit of God ministered to me to write you in respect of THE GENERALS HOSPITAL. The vehicle was crossing over from Onitsha end of River Niger, Anambra state to Asaba capital of Delta state at exactly 1.07 pm, when the Spirit of God ministered to me. I was in tears after reading the interview that a Nigerian not recognised in his country is known as the Father of the Internet worldwide today.

Until it is revealed to you, it won't cause a revolution. If you make your journey at the commandment of the Lord, your attainment and fufilment in life and Ministry will be unquestionable. Every movement with God is a movement forward. Only new things make news that is why those who are afraid of new things never make news. Only those who make moves cause wave that 
make news.

While meditating over the divine inspiration of the Spirit of God, the Spirit made me to understand that the level of acheivements you've made in the fields of Mathematics, Engineering and Modern Technology will be an added value as you join hand in order to oanchor "Heralding the Birth of THE GENERALS HOSPITAL globally."
THE GENERALS HOSPITAL is a Heavenly Assignment revealed to me in year 2000 during my Pastoral Apprenticeship at the Living Faith Church in Bauchi on Wednesday 16th August, 2000. The motto of THE GENERALS HOSPITAL is "To be a fountain and Reservoir of Rescue Mission to our Generations." This Heavenly Assignemnt requires both human and material resources in order to be fulfilled and accomplished. Every great task will always require a great company of people to accomplish it. It is also impossible to make a worldwide impact without a great company of people involved. People who have posterity and not prosperity in view always have a future in life and Minisrtry.

No tree ever makes a forest. There is a limit to which an individual can influence his world alone. Every great impact on this earth has always been by "LET US". Manpower is the engine that powers dream into reality. God always power His programmes through men/people. Life and destiny are designed by God in form of a book with various chapters that will culminate in fulfilment and accomplishment. THE GENERALS HOSPITAL  is not a one man show, God has specifically chosen you to anchor this Heavenly Visiion taht will affect millions of people worldwide to the glory of His name. Sir, you cannot afford to disappoint God because the destinies of multitudes are in our hands. We cannot afford to play Ludo/card with human destinies.

Sir, I am persuaded beyond all reasonable doubts that "THE GENERALS HOSPITAL" will once again launch you into another realm of international repute as you join hands with God, myself and many to be named experts as directed by the Holy Spirit.

THE GENERALS HOSPITAL has a founding philosophy well typedwritten and in diskette for your verification and modification. All other necessary details are as contained in teh book "THE GENERALS HOSPITAL" written through the help of the Holy Spirit. During my Pastoral Assignment in year 2000, most ofthe revelations in respect of "THE GENERALS HOSPITAL" came out. The most powerful revelation was the encounter I had while watching the video tape of Living Faith Church recorded in Kaduna-Nigeria on Sunday 23rd July, 2000 titled "As free as the Eagle" by Bishop David Oyedepo. I knelt down in the course of watching the video and I called on God to show me His Divine plan and purpose concerning my area of calling in Ministry.

The voice of the Holy Spirit was so vivid and clear that morning telling me that Enoch Funso will make waves in the Medical field. In  the process I shouted God, you know that i am from the school of humanity. Lord, don't put me to shame I have no knowledge of Medicine. I sobbed uncontrollably, the awesomeness of God filled the entire sitting room. I, God will use you (Enoch Funso) to humble the proud and those who thought it is all over with you. You may not have what others have but i fyou are sent you will always have a place of Divine Appointment; others went but you (Enoch Funso) is been sent by God Almighty.

My full name is Joseph Funso Enoch, a Nigerian from Omuo-Ekiti, in Ekiti state, born on 10th July, 1960. I graduated from the University of Lagos with B.A. (Hons) Phil in 1987. I obtained my Full Time Diploma at Word of Faith Bible Institue, Kaduna-Nigeria in November 2000. I shall be expecting your favourable reply.

Regards to the entire family. Remain blessed.

Pastor Funso Enoch.
May 12, 2003


Hello sir,
How is life sir? my prayer for you is long life and prosperity. Infact, we ned a scientist of your kind in this our country (Nigeria) which is repidly growing in science and technology more especially as you are an igbo man and a brother indeed to emphesize.
Sir, I am Akubueze Uzoma. E by name and a second year student at Federal  University of Technology Owerr, Imo State, my depertment is Polymer and Textile Engineering. I was opportunity to read an impressive note from you ,of which I read on thursday 15th of may 2003, from a news paper know as special Publication 2 (body and soul serries No 4). with a topic witten as Igbo secientist Emeagwali set to burst the secret of using computer to down loaad and up-load the human brain.
To say the actual track , I ws suppised and wieghtly impressed by what I read, keep it on and if it can be possible for you to do me a favour by extending your good work to our Country, becuase many of we guys with like to be of your kind but no opportnuity say it out. On like my self I have interst and aspiration in computer but no opportunity. When I took my first Jamb  I put electrical computer engineering but I lost it becuase of financail proble, I still went to do computer maintanince with my  course in school, so if you can help me both in financial and other wise, I will be happy and more impressed to read from you through E-mail.
Thanks and God bless.
Akubueze Emmanuel Uzoma.

May 26, 2003


Dear sir,
Is nice meeting u. I have been looking for a way and manner to meet u or even have a hand shake with u. Or at least see u face to face.
         Iam a nigerian from ezinihitte L.G.A. (Mbaise) Imo state. I have read papers carrying ur worth in America. The time I started hunting to see u was when Bill Clinton came to Nigeria and made mention of u. In fact I almost ran mad. I in particular knew u as one of the best nuclear physicist in America. B ut my recent findings about u was when I read a book tittled "SPECIAL PUBLICATION 2" "IGBO SCIENTIST, EMEAGWALI SET TO BURST THE SECRET OF IMMORTALITY". It was an interview, in this interview, I found out that u are a Mathematician, super computer scientist and also, that u read physics. my question now is are u a nuclear physicist?
          Please, I love to be communicating with u. For now, I will stop here while looking forward to hearing from u.
Anticipation from,
Nwachukeu Ethelbert I.

May 26, 2003


Dear Philip,

As founder and chair of the Immortality Institute, I'd like to extend a warm cyber-handshake and thank you for your recent speech 'My Search for the Holy Grail of Immortality'.

We've posted your article to our home page ( and would hope you find time to join us in the future.

Direct link to your article:

Bruce Klein
Founder, Immortality Institute ~ For Infinite Lifespans

September 27, 2003


Dear Phillip Emeagwali,

I shall start this letter by craving your indulgence
to spare some minutes out of your extremely busy
schedule to read this. I will introduce myself.

I am Oba Adebayo-Begun, a twenty-year old budding
African Writer and Intellectual.

I am a keen admirer of your Genius and I am happy to
have a rare opportunity of expressing it. But there
are other thing I will like to express that bother on
the survival and well-being of the African continent
in particular and the globe in general.

I read your keynote address on digital immortality and
I immediately realized that this world as we know it
might undergo fundamental changes very soon. I
immediately apprehended the implications of such
profound, phenomenal thinking, if implemented and I
came to the understanding that given the caliber of
the person from which the thought emanates, it will be
given high-priority implementation.

I have a very passionate plea to make but before I do
this, I will like to espouse my belief for it is
linked to my plea.

I believe in universal humanism. This means the
perpetual and continual development of the mind and
intellect for the noble task of exploring and
appropriating our universe. This appropriation must
exist or take place for the progress of Man and the
continuity, if not enrichment of our biosystem. I have
been greatly illumined by your postulation on the
interrelatedness of Man to his environment. We share a
common heritage. Deeper than that, I believe that this
free development can only take place in a systematized
world order whereby the human race is mature enough to
bear the responsibilities that are necessarily
attainable with this noble task.

But what do we have? We have a world that is on the
precipice of annihilation. This is very tragic and
profound for this annihilation is not caused by Manís
incapability to move the world forward. No! Never! The
earth that could produce all time greats like
Einstein, Shakespeare and with all sense of modesty,
Emeagwali; can definitely and appropriately move this
world to greater heights. But the problem lies with
Manís deliberate inability to do so. This world as we
know it today is being controlled by Western powers.
It has not always been like that. Africa once had its
civilization. Africa was once the dominant power. But
the western world today is leading the rest of us into
the abyss. Not because of the technological and
modernist development but because of the basic
occidental  economic and philosophical mind-set.

This has ensured that the greater part of the world
wallows in penury while a few swim in unquantifiable
wealth. Using the words of Thabo Mbeki, we have
Islands of wealth and seas of poverty. May be this can
also account for some sordid distortions in our
history, for some myths perpetrated to continually
lead us astray: religious myths ( which sustains
terrorism) and racial myths.

The capitalist occidental world ensures that
everything is seen from the profit angle and this has
caused untold hardship to Africa. Not only that, it
has really set back the progress of the world.

I am not a communist, I am not a socialist. I am a
universal humanist and I realize that for human beings
to be able to successfully lead the earth and its
inhabitants to a far more glorious heights, there must
be a free egalitarian system where different peoples,
different races can freely contribute to world
progress in a manner that will place premium on the
quality of human lives and not profit.

I believe that the western world is misleading the
rest of us. You have made fantastic postulations and
candidly I must say that they are just within the
grasp of reality. But imagine the power that would
bring into the hands of the western world. It  would
mean perpetual dominance!

I am not a racist. I am far from it. But I want a just
world. Not just for the sake of justice but for the
sake of real human development. A world where thinkers
and intellectuals will test the borders of our
limitations and break it for the rest to follow.

I believe the human race is still young, probably a
couple of millions. This is small compared to eternity
and immortality. But this can only be truly desirable
in a free environment.

I believe in a supreme consciousness. I believe that
there are some salient wonders in this world that if
we explore we might be able to tap into vast,
limitless potentials of human strength. In this world,
one finds the phenomenon of infinity. The endless,
limitless sheer space that is the universe, and in it,
one finds infinitesimality. Now I think there must be
a supreme consciousness ordering that for nothing is
by chance. You built the fastest COMPUTER IN THE

Therefore with the supreme consciousness, comes Man,
Man the thinker, Man the worker. And Man through his
mind, possesses a part of that supreme consciousness,
he is a manifestation of that supreme consciousness.
This means that Man, with deep study and years of
progressive path finding (like you are actively doing
now) can harmonize with the supreme consciousness. And
since this is endless, and limitless; definitely there
would be more to it than our limited power could
observe now. Probably that is why I believe in
incarnation and reincarnation. You might find this a
bit crude, I am not a scientist, I am in the arts.

These are a bit of my metaphysical thoughts. Now this
means that the world needs a new philosophy that will
give free expression to this noble power and thinking.
It is definitely not the typical occidental
inclination. Maybe the hope lies in Africa.  But what
Africa? Is it the Africa that is constantly raped and
abused? First by Whites, now by both whites and their
black acolytes? Definitely not. That is why we need to
rebuild Africa radically. I see that rebuilding coming
from the unity of Africa and in a passionate,
unmitigated pursuit of knowledge by Africans. But
first, the empowerment must come, that is, for the
best part of Africa: the youths. I think there is

I have been doing serious thinking on this and I am
working on a blueprint. I think others too will be
engaging in this. May be this will galvanize Africa,
and in turn, Africa will properly lead the world
aright, or at least be in a position to compete.

Finally, I think the human race is still in the
adolescent stage. We are yet to recover from the shock
of sight, from the shock of discovering that we can
think, and in our euphoria we are solidly destroying
our future. We must fashion out a truly progressive,
promethean pathway. I see the future in Africa.

I crave your indulgence, Sir, think about this.

Once again, I salute your genius. You are an all-time

I understand the busy schedule, but I patiently and at
the same time, eagerly await your reply.

Thank You Sir.

Oba Adebayo-Begun
, September 28, 2003


Dear Mr. Emeagwali,
Please accept my greetings, complements and the expressions of my goodwill and best wishes to you and your family.
As a Nigerian who, despite our numerous internal drawbacks and problems, is proud to be a Nigerian I must tell you that the illuminating and, certainly, bright and glittering polish that our nation receives from such powerful chinks of light that is represented by your astounding achievements and that of others like you make one doubly proud to be a Nigeria.
I am, therefore, not only happy and elated but, indeed, proud to make your acquintance over the internet with the hope that one day we may meet in person.
I am wrting to you today because, while going through your website which I searched for, after reading a write up on you in the Thisday of last Sunday, October 4th 2003, I stumbled upon your talk on the search for the Holy Grail of Immortality.
Although your talk was based on your visions for the future of the Information Technology I could not help but wondering its obvious correlation with the message of God in the Qur'an.
As you may be aware, the Qur'an is God's Last Testament To mankind and it is the only remaining scripture still bearing God's Mathematical Encoding intact and all pervasive all over the body of the scripture.
The mathematical coding of all aspects of the scripture remained a well guarded Divine Secret for 14 centuries until exposed, through God's intervention, by the late Dr. Rashad Khalifa of the Masjid Tucson in Arizona. The Masjid Tucson has a wesite,, at which various aspects of the mathematical miracles of the Qur'an are posted for general information. I commend the web site to to you.
You may be further interested to know that today this vast body of data that is based on the Prime Number 19 which, as has now been discovered, is the signature of the creator as presented by the late Dr. Rashad Khalifa is just but the tip of yet another vast repository of data the goes on to confirm the various aspects of the miracle of the Qur'an. This vast data is contained in the work of yet another divinely inspired person, Mr. Milan Sulc of Bern in Switzerland and which is based on the Partitional Posisionability of Numbers.
A banner headline on your website identifies you as "Natures's Numbers Man" I, therefore, believe that you are well equipped and very qualified to review all the data, in its various multiplicity, for benefit of humanity.
This is more so when the fact exists that God, in the Qur'an, Has foretold the advent of the Computer as His divine creature that He will rise up to accomplish certain functions on Earth.
Once again please accept my greetings and complements.
Most sincerely yours,
Abraham Alkhalil

October 7, 2003


Hellow the father of internet Firstly i just want to say kudos for your great experience and knowledge . infact i was enthusiastic thethe day i read your biography you are truelly somebody that creates knowledge i was reading one ovation magazine titled THE IGBOS IN THE EYES OF OTHER NIGERIANS. i saw somewhere you was interviewed headed how to make computer obsolet by uploading and down loading the human brain that is to bring about immortarlity. i want to ask can a death somebody brain for intance can an accident victim be transferred to somebody who is dead and it start working again? you said you solved one of the most twenty difficult question over 350yrs unsolved cant computer be use tosolve them or cant special computer be builtfor solving difficult questions. again according to magazine do go through that 30,000 mails everyday or reply them .just from justin

November 12, 2003


Philip Emeagwali, biography, A Father of the Internet, supercomputer pioneer, Nigerian scientist, inventor

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Philip Emeagwali, biography, A Father of the Internet, supercomputer pioneer, Nigerian scientist, inventor