journey Posted At 21:04:50 03/08/2003
Definitely thought provoking. Before the chip is impanted. All else has to tested tried and true. First, the smart chip has to come. This contains all personnel information. it is one card that will do it all. Drivers Licence, credit card, debit card, etc. We must be in a cashless society, which is taking place in some areas. Everytime you use a wireless communication device such as phone, Onsat, etc. you are being monitored by the government on your where abouts at all times. The golden rule is control. Laugh you will anything that requires you to I.D. with passwords, hand scanning, voice mail all goes somewhere in a large computer bank. When you pass the southern states all communications are recorded on a major computer. This was on T.V. on the learning channel. This is the age of apostasy. The chip will be introduced slowly as it is on some aspects: breeding of purebred animals instead of paper microchiped, how about getting a dog from the pound will now be microchiped, and all the rest as posted above and then some. These are perriless times we're living in. The PUC codes on all the items that we buy will contain the letters F and or H. Meaning forehead and or hand. That means unless you have a microchip in your face or palm of hand you won't be able to buy or sell anything. Check it out there are some products that do contain these letters. Some PUC codes contain the ever famous first 3 numbers "666". In conclusion all I can say is don't fall prey to the wonderful world of easy technology and modern convience. There is a catch to it all, it will cost you your soul. There is only one supreme master that you will have to answer to and it's not anyone on earth.

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