revo Posted At 22:04:58 03/01/2003
are we all to late im 23 and i can see what the u.s.a., u.n, CFR, illuminate or what ever you want to call the secret goverment can do. it's power has far surpassed the rebellion it is to late becasue yesterdays revolutionary is todays terrorist. if we were ever to uprise we would be either killed or surpressed by marshell law. there is no escape from the clutchsh of corrupt shadow business and goverment. you need to realize that the cycle is already set in stone the masses have started to make there final journey. why would the goverment give us E.T. technology to help stop hunger and strife when they want to kill us all and start a new world of the elite. "look people life is not the clothes you wear or the way you cut your hair. life is a energey which me must all focus to release in positive motion.""kill your tv and burn your credit cards tell your boss off take what money you have left and live really live go to the places you most want visit your loved one make the seconds of your life count cause when were all chipped up with no were to go but work for a goverment that lies to you and surpresses your free thought when your a mindless animal... then i'll tell you what try to cvome see me in amsterdam or switerland"
p.s. E.T. roam

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