Suggestions for downloading and printing:

    The photographs are either in JPEG (pronounced "jay-peg"), TIFF and/or BMP format. The TIFF and BMP formats are large files that is preferred by professional printers.

Drag and Drop From" was first operated as a FTP site (File Transfer Protocol) before the World Wide Web was created. It was widely used among computer geeks but you will find it very easy to use. To download a photo from, you simply drag and drop it to your desktop (or any folder you might have prepared for this purpose). You can do the same to upload to amy "incoming folder" at The larger photos will take minutes to download, unless you are surfing on broadband.

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To print, first select photo and then Press Ctrl-P . The printing instructions below are for webmistresses and advanced computer users.

You need to be certain that your browser will display files in both of these formats and that your browser cache is set to a large enough size for these files.

     In order to conserve paper and not print an extra sheet with each page, set the top and left margins of your printer (usually this is under "File- Printer Setup" or "File - Page Setup") to zero inches or to as close to zero as your browser will allow.

    You can display the photographs with your screen size set to 640 x 480 pixels, however they will be easier to work with if you re-size your screen to 800 x 600 pixels.  (In Windows 95, right click on your desktop and select Properties, Settings, and Desktop area tabs.)

     All of the photographs can be printed in Portrait mode, however some of the photographs need to be printed in Landscape mode.

     Here are some printing suggestion specifically for printing on the Mac:

     First, wait until the entire picture is loaded on the screen.  To shrink the photograph slightly so it fits nicely across one sheet of paper, go to the File menu and select Page Setup; then type 85% in the box for reducing/enlarging or scale selection. Click on OK, then print. (You can experiment with the percentage by using the Print Preview feature to see how it will print, then adjust if necessary.)  To print full-sized, but avoid having the right side of each photograph get chopped off, go to the File menu and select Page Setup; then select the Landscape/Sideways option. Click OK, then print. After printing, you will need to do some cutting and taping to assemble the page.

    If you still have trouble printing or are unable to print in color, download each page to a separate file on floppy disks (in Windows, right click on the image and then select "save image as", with the Mac, hold down the mouse button until the download options appear), then take the disks to a quick printer (like Kinko's) to print a set in color for you to use.

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