Philip Emeagwali, biography, A Father of the Internet, supercomputer pioneer, Nigerian scientist, inventor

Our Wedding Album

August 15, 1981
Baltimore, Maryland


The Baltimore Afro-American, August 22, 1981.

The Baltimore Afro-American, August 22, 1981.

Dale at the church (a few minutes before the wedding)

Peter Ozoh, Linda Brown, Philip Emeagwali, and Ferdinand Ejinaka. Linda is Dale's sister-in-law. Peter, Philip and Ferdinand were class mates in an all-boys catholic boarding school called Christ the King College, Onitsha, Nigeria.

Philip and Dale

United in marriage on Saturday August 15, 1981 at 1:00 P.M. Lochearn Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, Maryland.

The wedding party.

Sipping Champagne

The first dance.

At the end of an American wedding ceremony, the groom removes the bride's garter and tosses it to the unmarried male guests. According the superstition, the guest that catches it will be the next to marry. My friend Ferdinand Ejinaka caught it but was the last to get married.

Marion Thompson, Philip Emeagwali and Claudette Brady.

At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride tosses her bouquet to the unmarried female guests. It was believed that the lady that caught the bouquet would be the first to get married. Claudette caught it much to the annoyance of some of the single ladies. A year later, the maid of honor who didn't come close to catching the bouquet became the first to get married. That's life.

Bridesmaids Yvonne Logan, Annette Brown (sister-in-law), Philip Emeagwali, Valerie Smith (cousin) Jane Baird-Adams (cousin)

Dale and her parents (Leon and Doris Brown)

Philip, Dale and grandma Mamie Baird.

Dale and cousin Kyna Eaton.

At the post-wedding reception.

Dr. Dale Brown is wed to Nigerian sweetheart

From the Baltimore Afro-American, August 22, 1981

By Elizabeth M. Oliver
City Editor

Not too long ago, Dr. Dale Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Robert (Doris) Brown of Lochearn, and Dr. Philip C. Emeagwali of Nigeria met quite informally when they were on a bus going back to Georgetown University after a holiday.

Both were doctorate students, she in microbiology and he in civil engineering.

The romance culminated last week when the two brilliant students were married in formal ceremonies at Lochearn Presbyterian Church.

After a brief honeymoon, they will be at home in Silver Spring, Md. near the Bethesda National Institute of Health where the bride is a post doctorate in microbiology.

The rehearsal dinner was held Aug. 13 at the home of the bride's parents. Leon, an AFRO mechanical supervisor, has been employed there 41 years. Doris has been a Baltimore school teacher 15 years.

The reception followed the Aug. 15 wedding at the Church where Rev. Gentry McDonald read the vows. Music was by Robert Mock, organist and James Green, soloist.

Among guests were: Dr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson -D.C., Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Cousin - D.C., Dr. and Mrs. Henry Mishoe - Suitland, Md., Ms. Sheila Richardson - Arlington, Va., Mrs. Mammie Baird (Grandmother) Ashland, Miss.;

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George Bickley, Lochearn; Ms. Pat Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Clark, Lochearn;

Mrs. Gloria Cole and (Daughter Barbara). Mr. and Mrs. Wade Horsey, Mr. Dwight Horsey, Ms. Consuela Horsey, Mr. Freddie Howard;

Mrs. Gwendolyn Scott (and son Kenneth Jr.), Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Todd, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Batchelor, Lochearn; Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Ford;

Mrs. Lois Harvey, Mr. Charlene Eaton, Mrs. Bertha Jordan, Mrs. Margaret Brown;

Ms. Denise Brown, Ms. Sharon Brown, Mrs. Agnes Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Lassiter;

Joseph Goldman, Mrs. Cortez (Geneva) Puryear, Mrs. Essie Coleman, Lochearn; Mrs. Karen Kaczynski, Lochearn; Mrs. Shirley Glenn - D.C., Mr. and Mrs. Gil Fisher, Lochearn;

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Ewing, Mr. Leo Marshall - D.C., Mrs. Anna Jenifer, Mrs. Claudette Brady - Columbia, Md.; .......


Reported By Elizabeth M. Oliver
City Editor, Afro American
August 22, 1981, Baltimore, Maryland

Philip and Dale first met on June 13, 1978 (9:50 a.m.) at Greyhound Bus Line Station, Baltimore, Maryland.

Philip Emeagwali, biography, A Father of the Internet, supercomputer pioneer, Nigerian scientist, inventor

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Philip Emeagwali, biography, A Father of the Internet, supercomputer pioneer, Nigerian scientist, inventor