Philip Emeagwali, biography, A Father of the Internet, supercomputer pioneer, Nigerian scientist, inventor


of is the first personal site on the Internet. Each year, it serves 8 million pages to 2.6 million people1. Half of our visitors are students researching homework assignments. The other half visit to read materials on a wide range of subjects.
1. Name of Website:                    Emeagwali
2. Filing Date:                    February 2003
3. Founded:     1987 (ftp site) 1993 (http site)
4. Owner:                           Donita Brown 

2003 Usage1
a. Page Views:                         8 million
b. Site Visitors:                    2.6 million
c. Unique Visitors:                  1.7 million
d. Time Spent on Site         one to 700 minutes
e. Visitors
       New visitors (estimated)           70.00%
       Repeat visitors (estimated)        30.00%
       Newsletter email addresses         20,000
       Daily email enquiries                  20
f. Information Transferred:        423 gigabytes 
              or the equivalent of 423,000 books
g. Information Archived             one gigabyte
                or the equivalent of 1,000 books
1Source: The year 2003 data were extrapolated from the second week of February 2003 measurements but excludes visits to six smaller sister sites.