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 Philip Emeagwali


Philip Emeagwali





If I say that I'm not impressed by your achievements, I lie. There are Nigerian engineers and scientists actually, but there is 'A NIGERIAN SCIENTIST' and he is Emeagwali. You are a source of inspiration to all from a poor background who feels that they have no place in this world.... They call you the Bill Gates of Africa, but I chose to call you 'The Encyclopedia of Divine Wisdom'.


Uleanya Azubuike


I did not realize fully that l was communicating with 'one of the greatest minds of the Information Age', ... Philip Sir, you constantly inspire me whenever l look at your photograph in my room. You make me not to over sleep and overplay. I always remember your accomplishments, therefore l soldier on.... I love you for who you are and for your efforts to liberate humanity. Truly you are the first among equals.


Chigozie Nnatuanya,

Onitsha, Nigeria



The journey through your website provoked an inventive mind, moments of deep thought, pity for the African child, even for oneself, but most of all, it also provoked uneasy interest.... It is amazing that with all your daunting profile yet you chose to remain rustic and often descend from your Ivory tower to share in our agony....That there are so many undiscovered Emeagwalis, that alone could evoke the dullest mind to develop some sort of emeagwalism.

Martins Madufor.


Honestly, I do not share the same view of O Bill Gates Africano  no matter the quarter it emanated from because it undermined your intellectual capability and profile, since your name has been painted in gold with the likes of Alexander Graham Bell and Albert Einstein. Bill Gates should not be used to quantify your superior intellect. Well, what I stated above is my personal opinion.


Martins Madufor



Africa has to establish an executive post of 'AFRICA PRESIDENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY' and you ought to become the first president and Dr Thomas Mensah your Vice President. Your key role should be to transform Africa and make it a well developed knowledge society with effective use of ICT.


Have a good day





You and your wife must increase your family size. Your son appears to be a fine young man. Your must give more Emeagwalis to the world. Peace unto you and yours. Great man of the century.


Glenn Waters,

Pittsburgh, PA, Jul. 7, 2000



"Congratulations on all your wonderful achievements. I felt more proud as an African and indeed a Nigerian after reading about your wonderful accomplishments. What every black man need today is more Dr Emeagwali's and a forum to positively showcase our achievements. Left to CNN and the BBC's Africa will forever remain in the stone  age. Thanks once again for making my day, I have already sent the link to all my friends and colleagues. ARISE BLACK PEOPLE! ARISE AFRICA!! ARISE NIGERIA!!! TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT."



"Ike Orumwense, Toronto, Canada, Apr. 25, 2002"


"Dr. Emeagwali your intelliegence as well as the furtive minds of other scientist of African Ancestory are light years ahead of european so called great minds. They are in the way of progress. I sometimes wonder where we would be as an African people in terms of evolution mentally if we did not have to endure generational white beastial agression. I know that someday we as a people will be delivered. Forgive my diatribe. Love, health, and infinite happiness."




San Jose, California,

May 17, 2002";



Your name to me is Mr. inspiration. I visit your site everyday just to get me refreshed on what i need to do to accomplish my dreams. Brother, keep the flame burning, we are behind you all the way. I love you with all my heart and I wish there is a way I can make it possible to meet you in person. This is my dream. I lack words to describe what I feel in me right now.  May be someday in the future, i will be able to swing by your city and just say hi. Keep in mind the son of Africa, we all have to go  home someday to help our mother land. God bless.


Ike Orumwense,

Toronto, Canada,

Apr. 25, 2002


My Son, Olubusayo, 17 a genius in making advised me to read through your page. My fear is that how many Nigerians will have the opportunity of developing themselves like you and how many parents have the means of sending their children who are geniuses to where their talents can be developed and harvested for the development of  their environment? A genius who is not exposed to the right  environment or misused will use his or her talent to destroy his or her environment. This has always been my fear. May the Lord God help Nigeria and Nigerians!



Warri, Nigeria,

April 7, 2002




This man inspires me! That is a rare thing for me.


Benjamin J. Swanson,

Toledo, April 8, 2002


If someone wants to know or learn about Nigeria it is a MUST to visit your sites. If you don`t read these pages you will never be  able to understand the REAL history of Nigeria. The words that are written here are very clear and no space for if, buts, or, when,...... pure facts! Facts where we cannot close our eyes from, not in the past not at present and not for in future! The more I visit your sites the more I  get inspired and I learned a lot. ... From the bottom of my heart I hope that you will successfully continue and everyboby should use this information as an challenge do some changes. Hopefully everybody understand my english! May God or whatever you believe into be with you and give you the Power to continue. Do never give up! Feeling sorry for yourself ain't got nobody nowhere. Power! Power!! Power!!!



Hanau, Germany,

April 4, 2002


Never have I ever read such about a Nigerian who has combined among others such qualities as being handsome, intelligent and young.


Amajam Abwaku Chibok,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

Feb. 17, 2000



I think is high time you come back to your roots and contribute in rescuing your motherland Nigeria. There is no better time than NOW. America is fully grown and benefitted enormously from your talents. Or what do you think?


Salisu Danyaro,

Nanjing, Jiangsu, China,

Feb. 14, 2000


People like you should be on television instead of Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods so that black people can know that there is use for the brain between their ears.... I just wish they would stop calling you the Bill Gates of Africa and call him the Philip Emeagwali of America :)


Nyere Hollingsworth,

Georgia, Feb. 10, 2000


I am an AFRICAN born in america who believes our children here and in the diaspora need to know the genius that Africa has produced over the millenia from ancient KMT to Timbuktu and Ghana, Mali, Songhai.... You my brother continue in the tradition of our esteemed ancestors IMHOTEP, AHMAD BABA, CHEIKH ANTA DIOP, W. E. B. Dubois, and coutless others.






I work for the Board of Education. Tomorrow morning, your name and achievement will be announced in the school's public address system... The little honour I can give your name, is to ensure that, just after the pledge of allegiance tomorrow morning, the people will know.


Patrick, Mount Vernon, NY , Feb. 26, 2001



An awesome website. A colossal achievement.I might add. It's huge! ... You know the nuts and bolts of the 21st century computers & the internet rests on your shoulders ... do your thing lad. And good luck!


Ben Ezeani, New York City , Feb. 1, 2001


To arrive at this intellectual podium is a herculean feat , but your actions and inaction from this  podium will be judged by history ... your must have to contend with and tolerate the idiosysncracy and myopia of current African governments, you have to transcend the barricades of bias and move  on to the 'higher calling' of salvaging Africa from the morass of  intellectual and technological bankruptcy. This should be the tall order of this new millenium. While you do this, even though  you may not hear our voices, be yea reassured we will support you in spirit and will respond, anytime you give the clarion call:  Igbo kwenu!!!!


Cyril Uka Sherif Anyanwu, Houston, Texas, Nov. 14, 2000


A rough sea breeds a good sailor. You are a good sailor, with focus, vision and a rich heritage. An impressive site and an even more impressive personality. Truly an inspiration to me and many other intelligent Nigerians who wonder what life can hold for them when the odds are 'stacked'  against them. While going through your page i found out 'i  believe i can fly' isn't just a song. In my flight someday, i know i'll come to share ideas with you. That is ONE of my goals in life.


Kalejaiye Olusegun, Lagos, Nigeria, Oct. 27, 2000



Philip Emeagwali, you are forever closest in my heart to inspiration!! I have two finches each with a name Philip Emeagwali.


X'ane 'Greyster' Maori,

Couer D'Allene (Idaho), Apr. 29, 2000



Phillip, GOD BLESS YOU. For you are the true son of your father. Your achievements are like a 'window dressing through which light percolates into the  whole of Africa.'



Anthony Omomia, London (UK), Apr. 14, 2000



It took me over two years to complete the tour of your website, which involved opening several pages per day, and continually thrilled to a dose of scientific homily.


Tony Orafunam, Dallas, TX


It is my pleasure to identify with you and your family, while praying that God Almighty will elect your offspring 'Ijeoma' as yet another upcoming wonder in  modern science, relying on the Ibo adage of 'like for like' a snake does not avoid  giving birth to a long object.'


Tony Orafunam, Dallas, TX



I take pride in spreading the gospel of your ingenious scientific breakthrough mainly to  avoid a situation of someone else claiming the credit 'as usual' in several years to  come.


Tony Orafunam, Dallas, TX


I must say that your website is highly educative and more extensive than the website of most multinational corporations. ... Your biography is one of great source of inspiration.  One that is no less rugged, playing from an uneven ground. From grass to grace, and from the obscurity of scientific laboratory to the pedestral of world prominence.


Tony Orafunam, Dallas, TX



During these period, I spent greater part of my leisure making copies of the pages of your website for presentation at several African cultural fora. I have emailed over 1000 pages of your website to friends accross racial divide.



Tony Orafunam, Dallas, TX


I have shown this to my children to encourage them. I've also been more encouraged to face the difficulties black men face in this country with greater hope and refusal to give up. Now I know that I'm a winner and never will I give in to the detractors any longer.


Philip A. Ejisimekwu, Chicago, Illinois, Mar. 14, 2000


I must say that, bar none yours is the best and the baddest for music that I have experienced. ... The content and quality of your web site rate 5 stars plus two extra stars for being black originated and black owned! ... is 'tha Bomb'!!!!!!!!!!!!


CEJWorks @



I feel happy when people say that I look like Philip Emeagwali, who wouldn't?


Isaac Anietye Inyang, Ile Ife, Nigeria




The hardships you went through to succeed has been a source of inspiration to me. Each time dwell on my own suffering here I think of how you would have handled yours. Mine is nothing compared to yours so I use that as a standard of what my threshold for suffering should be.


Electrical Engineer, Univ. of Minnesota


I believe it is an insult for you to be called the Bill Gates of Africa because He is not, was not, and will never be a mathematical genius. He was basically an opportunist who took people's ideas and used them for his own gain. That is nowhere near the definiton of a scientist. In Africa, he would just be a trader who intimidated the business competition.


Electrical Engineer, Univ. of Minnesota


If you had been a white man, you probably would have been the richest man in the world and your company would be in Fortune500. Every single person on this planet would have known who you were in a few days after the media does it's thing.


Electrical Engineer, Univ. of Minnesota



That was about 10 years ago.... my brother told me that an Igbo man in USA invented a computer, and that his name and the name of the computer is 'Emma Agwali'. That was how he pronounced it. But I have now known that it is 'Emeagwali,' through your website.


A Nigerian


Without mincing words, I, Egbeama, Cyprian Emeka, a graduate of Electronic Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria,wish to follow, with dogged and unflinching determination, your footsteps. Though we have not had any physical contact, I see you as a mentor, and hope that together, we, all, who see good value in what you have  done and hope to do, will team up to bring succour not just to the Black race, but the whole world in general.


Egbeama, Cyprian Emeka




Your omission from Time magazine's past issue on this century's great scientific minds was inexcusable.


Ronald T. Jones


I am Scottish and a person who has endured trials in life.... I have sisters and brothers I don't even know, one of whom is biracial Nigerian/Scottish.... I bow down in respect to you and your wife and give you my deepest respect for your many achievements.

Jill Barraclough,

London, England. Feb. 3, 2003


You are Buffalo Soldier. Stolen from Africa. You are my inspiration.


Naiman Chavalla,

Tanzania, East Africa, April 15, 2003




I found your site very interesting and your history very fascinating. I am recommending you as a model to our young students of Imperial School Kaduna.


Simon Nwakacha,

Kaduna, Nigeria, Apr. 30, 2002



I surely hope that you have a bunch of highly trained body guards. We all know what happened to many of our great leaders in the past. God bless you Emeagwali.



Pretoria, South Africa,

Apr. 16, 2002



Mr Emeagwali,

you are an inspiration to many of us especially from Africa, you are a proof of the notion that given the necessary atmosphere and enabling environment, the black man can rule the world.


Ogunhibe Bankole,

Lagos, Nigeria, Apr. 14, 2002



Mr. Emeagwali,

What an interesting man you are; it has been fascinating stumbling upon your website. I wish I had caught your talk at Harvard, but unfortunately I didn't.... I appreciate your openness and candor on a wide variety of subjects and look forward to hearing about you and, even perhaps, from you in the future.


Nokuthula Ngwenyama,

Cambridge, MA, April 9, 2002



Great Site and Wonderful Contributor to the world of technology you are. I'd just like to say thanks for blazing such a wonderful trail for some of us to follow. I am a 'veteran' of this young computer industry, but in no way on par with what you have accomplished and provide us all. It fascinates me that we have come so far so fast and I attribute a great deal of this progress to people like yourself. Thanx again and again!



Herb Ransburg,

Lake Mary, Florida, April 5, 2002



This the first pride of africa and i will be the next in the future just keep an eye on me.


yona fares maro,

dar es salaam, no Tanzania, March 27, 2002



There's always a valued woman behind every every successful man; I would say 'good job' to Mrs. Emeagwali. Prof. Emeagwali is more appreciated abroad than at home. Nigeria, especially is loosing a lot by not investing in the knowledge that world leaders seek to have like gold to improve their countries. I would enjoin those in goverment to re-think and believe that we can no longer afford to be part of third-world when we have Prof Emeagwali. May God continue to bless you and with more knowledge sir.



Philadelphia, PA USA, March 13, 2002





Oluwagbemi Olubusayo,

Houston, Texas, Mar. 11, 2002



Dr Professor Ph. Emeagwali has done us proud. I think we all should raise hands up to ask the Almighty God grant him sound health, long life, more blessings.


Dr. Emeka Anyanwu,

Kiev, Kiev Ukraine. CIS,

Mar. 10, 2002


After doing my researches on your person and all your achievements I felt so proud to say this is someone from Nigeria who has shown to the world that, 'the body can be enslaved but not the spirit.'  All Africans or people of African origin that use the computer and  browse through the internet or whatever purpose they use computer  should be very proud that one of their own has proved to be the FATHER OF INTERNET. It is now wide open to the world that it is only when people of all races are given equal opportunities that we see people manifesting their true talents, skills and gifts. ... Like we say in my part of Nigeria (north) 'Sannu' and your people (east) will say 'Da’lu' and the Yoruba (west) will say 'eku ishe'. Indeed you are a father of the Internet!



Lagos Nigeria, Feb. 22, 2002



I strongly believe that one day you will give us the AIDS vaccine (although this is not your field). Perhaps the combination of you and Prof. Dale Emeagwali and other prominent scientists will produce a think tank to help create the vaccine or get an AIDS cure. Short of addresing this very important priority, all of Africa's  dreams will be shattered.


Louis Kanijo,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,

Jan. 16, 2002










King god Philip Emeagwali


              - A "Living Hero Moment"


Hoteph Beloved Ones:


Ancestral greetings, blessings, loving, and light throughout all creations and above.

King god Philip Emeagwali

Because of the honor you give to the Afrikan Carbon Family, because of the progress that you seek, because of your resolution to lead the Afrikan people back to their righteous mind-set not abandoning them there, because of the seen and unseen power in you, you fall into the position of "A Living Hero," and this is the moment.

King god Emeagwali helped give birth to the supercomputer, the technology that spawned the Internet.

King god Philip Emeagwali is credited for inventing a formula that allows supercomputers powered by thousands of processors to perform billions of calculations per second -- a discovery that made international headlines and inspired the reinvention of supercomputers.

The supercomputer comprises of thousands of networked computers and the Internet also comprises of millions of networked computers. The supercomputer spawned the Internet.

Emeagwali's 1970s hypothesis on 64,000 networked computers around the Earth led to his programming of 64,000 processors inside a big box to perform 3.1 billion calculations per second, a world record in 1989. For the latter achievement, he won the 1989 Gordon Bell Prize, which is the “Nobel prize of supercomputing.”

Born in 1954 in a remote Nigerian village, Emeagwali was declared a child math prodigy. His father nurtured his skill with daily arithmetic drills. In 1967, the civil war in his country forced him to drop out of school at age twelve. When he turned fourteen, he was conscripted into the Biafran army. After the war ended, he completed his high school equivalency by self-study and came to the
United States on a mathematics scholarship at age nineteen.

Philip Emeagwali African People’s Intercontinental Awards Man of the Year

As true Afrikan Queen goddesses, it is our duty to eloquently equip our Afrikan King gods/Queen goddesses with the most vital and essential tools and weapons that will strengthen our Afrikan male/female Warriors on the Front-line.

The eloquent words from the Queen goddesses lips, are to:


For Iron Sharpens Iron.

A nation will rise no higher than its woman, and the profound eloquent words from the Queen goddesses lips to a Warrior (male/female) lighten his/her load, which frees him/her up to do battle.

King god Philip Emeagwali, as you enter any room, may your presence always have the appearance of a gazelle, like a Stag on the mountain.

May the wisdom that comes forth from your lips, from your heart, a love which consumes with fire for the Afrikan Carbon Family, terrify
nations, and shake kingdoms with truth.
I plea with you Mighty Warrior Philip Emeagwali. Let no people, place or thing, cause you to miscarry or abort your mission.

Carry your mission to its full term. I plea with you My Beloved brother Philip Emeagwali to do nothing to cause an interruption for your love for the Afrikan Family.

I do not need to look for you among the flocks of other men.

To you My Beloved brother Philip Emeagwali, continue to, excite the hearts, souls, and mind of the people (with truth) like a mare excites the stallions of Pharaoh's chariots.

I plea with you Mighty Warrior Philip Emeagwali, to continue to ride on in majestic to victory for the defense of truth and justice. Your strength will win us great victories, and Afrika Will BE BORN AGAIN.

Afrika is for the Afrikans.

May these words continue to fill you with energy, power, and Spirit for the struggles to come, and there are many.

For if we get tired of racing against men (oppressors), how can we race against horses. If we cannot stand up in open country (america/Diaspora), how will we manage in the jungle (Afrika). Many have joined in the attacks against us. Let harmony (which confuse the enemy), with understanding be the shield that protects you.

I know a King god when I see one, and I know how and when to BOW.

King god Philip Emeagwali

I AM my brothers and sisters Keeper.

Honorable Marcus Garvey. Up! Up! You mighty ones.

You can accomplish what you WILL.


I KNIGHT ALL Mighty Warriors with the only tools and weapons I have, and that is the power and weapon of Eloquent Words.

I speak to you from THEE Frontier of THEE Future on THEE Outskirts of THEE City of
Eternity, and from THEE Chambers of Thee Holies of Holies, where Spiritual secrets resides.

Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika! Afrika!

Here is loving you.


goddess IsIs Akkebal/Iya of Afrika (Holy Spirit lover)

Mother of ALL Goddesses
Goddess Of Afrika

Being THEE Change THEE World Needs To See


Philip Emeagwali A Father of the Internet
Had an Idea[MSOffice4] 

                   By Wina Marche @2002

Dr. Emeagwali had an idea;
      to him it was very clear
that bees planned and constructed
      honeycombs that can't be obstructed
by inefficiency. So, he thought
      a computer made that way ought
to be powerful, efficient, fast.
      It was and better that the past!

His 65,000 processors fit a design,
        you might say, that bees would divine.
3.1 billions per second calculations!
      To the Doctor citations and acclamations!
His world's fastest computer now
       predicts the weather's when, and how.
We'll know of future global warming
      and when and where the earth is storming

Dr. Philip, how does he do this?
     Wouldn't it be intellectual bliss
to have a similar needed skill
      and be the first person to fill
a world wide technological need!
      Father helped Dr. Philip to succeed.
Father's decision when Philip was age
      nine was worthy of a genius or sage.

His decision - Philip would every day
       solve 100 math problems - no work, no play.
Today Philip believes the daily drills
       increased his mediocre math skills.
We should salute his father's decision
       that shaped a mind for creative precision.
Father Emeagwali was a visionary
     who understood the "necessary."


1989, for Philip was the year,
      the outstanding year, of his career.
He won the Gordon Bell Prize, known
      as the Nobel of computing. A milestone
his supercomputer invention, helps the field
      of petroleum by a better gas yield
and will eventually lower gas costs
      thus less unrecovered gasoline losts.

Dr. Emeagwali's computer invention
      may some day mean more attention,
power, for personal computer users
      with more options and more choosers.
He is husband, father, achiever
      research scientist, a modern believer
in technology, and the hope for more
      young students to open the computing door.

Portrait of an Achiever[MSOffice6] 

Dr. Dale Brown Emeagwali

Microbiologist, National Institutes of Health

National Technical Association’s (NTA)

 Scientist of the Year

                   By Wina Marche @2002


Dr. Dale Brown Emeagwali,
      portrait of an achiever;
      an example of a believer
      in a liberal education
      for a “knowing” nation.


Dr. Dale Brown Emeagwali,
      role model, inspirator;
      advocate, youth motivator;
      NTA awardee
      in microbiology and biochemistry.



Dr. Dale Brown Emeagwali,
      youth science volunteer;
      promoting science as a career;
      keeping expectations high;
      helping youth reach for the sky.

Dr. Dale Brown Emeagwali,
      role model, wife;
      mother, celebrator of life;
      intellect, poet, writer;
      science literacy fighter.

Dr. Dale Brown Emeagwali,
      researcher, with biological finds,
      professor, shaper of minds;
      guiding new vision, diversity
      for student growth at the university.





By Henry Ekwuruke, EuroAfricaCentral Magazine

Wisdom that tackles the problems of humanity

The understanding and stigma unfolds

The untold truth revealed

And now it can be told


Let the sons and daughters of our mother

Africa rejoice

And be happy for good things rest

In our cursed land; though we aren’t


A people rich in culture and heritage

Great in history but ours not told

Our history denied and forgotten!

Wanting to know, yet limited and no fact


Rejoice and be glad for the jinx is broken

A prophet is out – speaking out without words

Out of Africa, a wisdom is born

Like the “mbaise” foul – watching, learning and working


No good thing comes out of these people?

Indeed a lie and sad tale

He defiled the knowledge to a truth

He had known the truth, but he needs proof

And he did and archived it!

Philip Emeagwali

Philip Emeagwali – a Prophet from Galilee (OnitshaAfrica)

A place where they “knowledge” says

No good thing come out from

Has made the black people proud and happy

You really did


Telling the world that the beautiful ones are yet to be born

Africans are best, even in penury

Imagine the inconveniences and set backs

You patient, goodwill and hardwork persist


Taking a people to their glory along side self


Telling the world that a prophet is out of Africa!

And many more prophets are coming after you

The cut hairs of Sampson (African people) is growing back to stronghood

You really defiled the myth, a prolific inventor of African origin

Leading us children of Africa to say we have arrived and we are here


They said a prophet is hardly acknowledged

In his country home, I acclaim you for what you

Really is.

Yet to receive honour from his people – he has and we need him

More than ever, a gift to a troubled people

The tidings has been proven. He is really “IKENGA”


I nominate you also for the award and title

Of “IKEMEFUNA I OF AFRICA” “Dike, Izuru ka emee

For no two things than

Restoring the dignity of the black people and


Making us know our history and true stories,

which are

Yet untold until you told them.

 [MSOffice1]"Agbor Dancers" - 1999 (Bode Fowotade)


We dance in a frenzy, but with a rythm. We dance in a mood, but with our souls. Pleasure can be found in many an activity but through our dance we reach that state that elevates us above all pressures.


 [MSOffice2]"Alabaru" - 2002 (Raji O.E.)


Basket load carrier typical of African markets. Mother seeks clients while daughter holds on to mother affectionately.


 [MSOffice3]"Without a silver spoon" - 2002 (Bode Fowotade)

The rich are friend's to the rich and the poor to the poor. The rich gets richer and the poor poorer. I have nobody to comfort me body and soul. I paddle my own canoe alone. The trouble for the day is enough for the day. I do not know what tomorrow holds for me without a silver spoon.



 [MSOffice4]Excerpted from

“The Poetry of African American Invention: When One Door Closes Another Opens"

 [MSOffice5]Emeagwali (with 65,000 processor supercomputer in the background) in Cambridge, MA. 1990

 [MSOffice6]Excerpted from

“The Poetry of African American Invention: When One Door Closes Another Opens"