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Join Emeagwali on a learning-vacation in America's Paradise, the island of St. Croix.


Are you looking for an opportunity to get up close and personal with Emeagwali?

Are you also still looking for a warm winter retreat?

We invite you to join Emeagwali for an unforgettable nine days of inspiration, intimate conversations, and vacation.

This unique event will take place in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. You will stay at a romantic hideaway, luxurious resort with its secluded beaches and discover teeming coral reefs.

Each retreatant will have a commemorative website called "," including numerous personal photos taken in the Virgin Islands.

This will be a small, informa, and invitation-only retreat. Each retreatant will be pre-interviewed by Emeagwali (on the telephone) before we can extend an invitation.

Couples and families are welcome.

January 3 - 11, 2006
You have the option of staying less (or more) than nine days.


St. Croix
United States Virgin Islands, The Caribbean

Your public library has excellent travel books to the Caribbean and the USVI. The following websites has information on the history of the islands, how to get there, what to see, where to eat, where to shop, and the local arts.
US Virgin Islands
America's Paradise

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You will spend nine winter days at this sunny resort, which is situated on a 1,000 foot spectacular white sands of Grapetree Beach with sweeping views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Your complimentary breakfasts will be outdoors and at this spot. You will also be provided a selection of dining options.

If you prefer to dine alone, your lunch and dinner could be served in your room.

Outside view from your room. Emeagwali will lead a hiking expedition to the hills in the background.

The resort has two freshwater swimming pools and lighted tennis courts.

We will have our intimate conversations in this room.

Two live bands will perform each night in this all-night casino which is within your resort.

Emeagwali on a bike tour [Photo in Negril, Jamaica, April 3, 2001]

Our bike tour route. Bike tour will be led by Emeagwali, with stops for fresh coconut water and sweet mangoes.

Your beach side room. The ocean waves could lull you into the most hallucinatory but pleasant sleep in your life.


  1. Evening festivities and entertainment
  2. Classroom instructions with question and answer sessions
  3. In-depth discussions of the work of Emeagwali
  4. Engage in stimulating discussions and network with other retreatants
  5. Dine at sunset on the beach of the Caribbean ocean
  6. Mountain hiking led by Emeagwali (optional)
  7. Bike tour led by Emeagwali (optional)
  8. Discuss your career plans and life goals with Emeagwali
  9. Personal website ( commemorating your trip, with 20 photos, and a CD-ROM containing the latter. This FREE package worths $2,000.
  10. Free afternoons and evenings to pursue personal interests
  11. Two weekends to vacation with your family and/or friends.
  12. Daily Live Reggae/Calypso/Soca Bands
The learning will consists of reading and discussion of materials posted at Utilizing the writings of Emeagwali, in conjunction with the diversified experiences and perspectives of discussion groups, is an extremely effective way to learn.

Retreatants will be polled to suggest articles from that should be discussed and our itinerary will be revised accordingly.

The "intimate conversations" will start after breakfast and last for about three-hours.

The rest of the day will be spent in pursuing personal interests, individually or with other retreatants.

  1. Jan. 6: The retreat begins on Saturday evening with an outdoor dinner by the beach, a welcome from Emeagwali, and live Caribbean.
  2. Jan. 7: Free time to pursue personal interests
  3. Jan. 8: Standing at the Intersection of Race & Technology
  4. Jan. 9: Ten Things I Wish I Had Known
  5. Jan. 10: Can We Talk? Stimulating and provocative book discussions!
  6. Jan. 11: Intimate Conversations
  7. Jan. 12: Times Remembered from an African Childhood
  8. Jan. 13: Professional photos for your personal Website
    Free weekend for personal vacation
  9. Jan. 14: The trip report is published online on

The all-inclusive cost (to be determined) will cover round-trip airfare from anywhere in the United States, hotel for nine days, three meals/day for the five workshop days, breakfast for the four free days, $100 beverage credit, registration and hosting of your personal web site for the first five years. Retreatants from outside the United States will need U.S. visa and purchase a ticket to Saint Croix and will be given $1000 credit.

Attend any future event by paying the difference between your deposit and the fee.

Please contact Dr. Donita Brown at with topic suggestions that will enhance this retreat.

Intimate conversations with Emeagwali at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica [March 20, 2001]


Simply fill out the form below or click the email link below to send an email to Dr. Donita Brown, or call 443-850-0850.

Please include the following information about yourself, and we will get back to you within 24 hours:

  1. Your name, address, and telephone number
  2. The dates you would like to attend
  3. What you will like to learn and your personal interests

Please send your ideas and suggestions to Dr. Donita Brown at 443-850-0850; fax/voicemail 413-521-3764; email